Are You Closer to Death Than You Are to Your Dream?

Are You Closer to Death Than You Are to Your Dream?

I’m my own worst enemy. I procrastinate, get lazy and I over think just about everything. I tend to self sabotage, being critical of every line of prose I create; typing delete before my words ever see the light of day. I can admit it now-I am the reason I am not a best selling author.

Sure there are truck loads of shitty authors taking up valuable shelf space in Barnes & Noble. But it’s not their fault my book isn’t finished. I can’t blame this on my husband, or my four kids who don’t seem to understand what Mom’s quiet time means. I have been the thing standing in my own way.

It’s taken a series of personal challenges lately to help me understand how much I’ve been squandering my gift. I’ve always had this haunting feeling like my time on Earth was limited, but the idea that I don’t actually have forever to write a novel is finally starting to sink in. And every single day that I am not moving closer to being a published author, I realize I Ar

Here are three things you can do to get out of your own way:

1. Put yourself on blast…in essence, telling other people (strangers, co workers and your friends on Facebook) that you are a writer makes it real. They may not tell you to your face, but they will be watching you, rooting for you and will be looking to see if you deliver.

2. Make a list of goals, and do something tangible towards those goals everyday. I started the year with dozens of things I wanted to get accomplished, highlighting the tasks I completed in green. Looking at this list every day and seeing green makes me feel productive.

3. Make your publishing goals relative. Telling yourself that you are writing the next Great American Novel is a lot of pressure. The anxiety that builds up from putting that kind of weight on your writing will make you want to do absolutely nothing. So I write like no one will ever hear a word of it.

Think about how much time you have left on this planet. You’re either countable steps towards achieving your dreams, or you are closer to the end of a life marred by dreams deferred.



  1. Good advice. The one piece of advice I’d give is change your text font to black. It’ll make it easier to read than gray.

  2. You are so right, We all need to examine ourselves and take the time out to do that thing that God has called us to do. Not, pleasing peolpe but pleasing God and ourselves. Because we are not really happy if we are not doing what we are created to do!

  3. I read recently an article from a nurse who worked in Hospice care and she found that there were 5 regrets people mentioned constantly. I don’t think I can remember all 5 but one was realizing you are the only person that can make yourself happy-people would say, “I had so much if only…”. Another that they did not live their life true to what they wanted but what others expected. Working and missing out on events and children was a third and I believe not fulfilling certain dreams was a fourth. These are not easy to do so i commend you that you are writing and making a list and wanting to fulfil certain dreams you always wanted to do. Good for you!!

  4. tashaseegmiller says:

    Just found your blog with the Insecure Writer’s group. I think the most important part is to keep moving forward, to leave the house and go somewhere if kids won’t leave you alone, and let people know you are serious about this – then prove it. New follower 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! I just experienced this last night when I went to a book signing. I forced myself to leave the house and mingle with other authors, readers and book lovers. The old me would have convinced myself that it was ok to stay home. I count these as small victories towards moving out of my comfort zone. Thanks for following!!!

  5. You had me with the title, and the rest of your post did not disappoint. What a great reminder for me that I need to be more specific with my goals, and that I don’t have forever to reach my dreams.
    I’m following. 🙂

  6. Also found you through IWSG:) I’m a new follower. Loved your advice! I’ve discovered that lots of family/friends have been following my blogs & rooting/praying for me . . . they just don’t understand how to leave comments & stuff, LOL. My New Year’s resolution was to put myself out there more online to connect w/ other writers/readers & I am feeling the love already in one month. Kuddos to you for putting yourself out there, too! ~gOOd luCK

    • Thank you Jamie! I will check out your blog now, and isn’t it funny how we can get so much love from strangers, but absolutely nothing from the people who know us? Thanks for the support, and I’ll be sure to reciprocate 🙂

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