You’re Invited…

I tried something different this year. Instead of sending out Christmas cards to people I hadn’t heard from all year, I sent myself an invitation to my ideal life.

It sounds silly, but I’ve always been big on self reflection. I’m one of those people who actually cry a little bit when at 11:59 I’m forced to say goodbye to another year. I think about the memories that I got to create. I think of the times I cried until I couldn’t cry any more. And after I’m done with all of that, I think of the opportunity to look ahead and try it all again in the New Year.

Every year, I make of list of things I want to do better, all in an effort to become a better Racheal. But this year, instead of coming up with things that I would half way forget about after January 9th, I am inviting the Racheal that existed in 2011 to the life that awaits her in 2012. Just like I know my birthday is waiting for me in March and my wedding anniversary will be there in June, I am inviting myself to the success and accomplishments that will be overflowing for me in 2012.

There will be a finished book, even more literary clients and speaking gigs; if I show up. Showing up for me means writing more instead of getting eight hours of sleep. Showing up means not being afraid to say and do the things that the successful version of myself would say and do.

I have to RSVP and tell the Universe that I will be there if it makes room. That’s how my destiny knows to prepare for me. So I don’t need to wait until December 31 to say it. I will be fully present in 2012. Not a slave to my unpredictable emotions or my uncanny ability to get sleepy at the first sight of real working needing to be done. I’ve RSVP’d for my success this year. What will you be showing up for in 2012?



  1. What a great idea! I usually wind up making resolutions and then sticking strong until February or so. Most of these involve physical fitness.

    I like the way you do it… 🙂

    I told myself last month that 2012 is going to be a dynamic year for me!

    😀 Great post.

  2. This is an inspiring post, Racheal 🙂 You’re a smart and strong woman and I’m sure you’re gonna face 2012 beautifully. May the year of the water dragon bring you to more success and happiness in life!

    Good luck my friend!

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