Letting Go…

I heard someone say that the worst thing about letting go is realizing that you held on too long. I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ve held on to the idea that “I’m writing a book”, the same way women hold on to bad relationships for no reason.

I have a tendency to think too hard. I over analyze things and find ways to make everything more complex. Take writing this book. I’ve literally been working on some form of it for about five years. Does it really take that long to write a novel? Hell no. But for me it took that long to convince myself that it could be done.

See, I used to give myself all kinds of reasons why I couldn’t self publish a book; I wanted the validation of being published by a “traditional” house, it would cost too much money, or simply, I believed nobody would like my stuff.

I’ve been following some up and coming authors and I have to admit, some of their stuff is terrible. I have fourth graders that could probably write better fiction. I met a woman the other day who proclaimed herself to be a full time writer and I could barely get through the first page of her 445 page book.

While I would’ve preferred to use her book to hold up the legs of my desk, I realized that she is out here; noticeable, social and maybe even selling books. This lady with the bad grammar, misspelled words and dangling participles is living her dream. And in all actuality, she is living my dream. The difference between me and her? She stopped thinking so hard and wrote the damn book.

So, this is my attempt at not over thinking the process. I am letting go of my issues so that I can get a book in return. Good Mourning will be published in January. Whether I like it or not. I’m trying not to take myself so serious, which means digging deep but not so far that I never get the story out.

We all have to let go of something to get something. What will you let go of this week?



  1. Good for you! It’s a big scary step and I wish you the best!

  2. Great post, Racheal! I share the same feeling of worrying too much. Sometimes, we really need to let go and just go with the flow. As you finish your book, I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how your story can develop on its own. Happy writing1

    • Racheal–It took me almost ten years! For me, however my reason was different. I had a lot of stuff internally going on that would not let me say things exactly the way I needed to say them in my book. Once I got past it(healed from them), I moved on, and published it. I wrote the second one much quicker. You have a dream –an awesome one. I’ll be along with you, cheering you on!

  3. “While I would’ve preferred to use her book to hold up the legs of my desk…” Now, that’s hilarious! It’s obvious you have the skills to write a quality book, so I applaud you for finally taking that leap. I tried my best to write a good book in SELLOUT, and we made sure the editing was on point before we launched it to the world. I couldn’t predict the reaction to my book, but considering we took all the necessary steps prior to publication, the response has been outstanding as a result. You’ll love the feeling from a reader (someone you don’t know) who talks about how much he/she loves your book. If you have any question about the process, you should check out our blogs on our site (www.pantheoncollective.com). We detail the whole process of launching our first book, including the arguments we’ve had. LOL Good luck!

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