Public Nudity…

So recently, I’ve started getting naked in public. Ok, not really. I’ve just started sharing more of myself with the rest of the world. And for me, this used to be hard to do.

I am a home body. A loner, perfectly content being by myself, and the Investigation Discovery Channel. I don’t like crowds. Or loud places. Or dark places. But Racheal the author has to kick these anxieties in the ass and get over them. This means actually interacting with people. In real life and online. This also means sharing my writing, my inner most thoughts, with other people.

By doing this, I’ve begun making myself vulnerable, something I would never have done a year ago. I used to care too much about what other people would think. If they knew I wrote about death, dying and crazy people the way I did, maybe they’d think I was crazy. Or maybe my writing (and therefore I) was terrible and no one would like it?

But quite the opposite has happened. Releasing myself and my writing into the universe has actually given me more confidence. The feedback, the constructive criticism and the encouragement has all motivated me in a way I never imagined it would. I still care what people think about my writing. But like strolling the sands of a nudist beach, you stop thinking about your flaws when you realize everyone else has them too.

So getting naked in public has taught me that true art can only be expressed when we stop putting trying to hide it under clothes; which are our fears, anxieties, insecurities and all the other stuff that keeps us from expressing our truest self.

It feels damn good to be this free. A little scary. A little exhilarating, but good. I’m looking for some nudist beaches if anyone has some suggestions.



  1. Great post, Racheal.
    I can relate to being a loner (and being hooked on Investigation Discovery!).
    I have a hard time with interaction usually when I feel no sense of power. In a crowd? I am mush. On the register at my second job? I am a star cashier!
    Thank you for reminding me there are others out there kinda like me!


    • Thanks Darlene for the comment! Isn’t ID the best channel ever?? And I think we are both weird, because like you, I’m an introvert in some situations, but at work, I’m like this fearless moon goddess that everybody loves. It’s crazy. Sooo glad to know I am not alone 🙂

  2. Congrats on exposing yourself to the world! Hee hee 🙂 I know the feeling, but believe me, it only gets better as you start being honest and open with people.

  3. Liane Ehrich says:

    It’s nice to see that you are succeeding, congratulations and good luck

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